Companies working with MHP, JavaTV, or OCAP

If your company is not listed here, please contact me.

The products page at has a selection of brochures and documentation about some of these projects available for download. Juha Laakso's excellent page of MHP links (in Finnish) also includes links to many MHP products

MHP Middleware

Set-top boxes

Most of the Korean manufacturers will use the Alticast middleware in their STBs. This means that many of the STBs from Korean manufacturers are basically the same as far as behaviour goes.

It's also worth noting that due to the nature of marketing, especially in the DTV business, not all of these STBs may actually be available. Some of them only exist in the form of product announcements, demo units that appear at trade shows and other such pleasant fictions. Just because a unit is listed here, that doesn't mean you can actually buy one yet.

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Head-end equipment

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