This is not intended to be a complete list of all of the information about MHP, OCAP or JavaTV that is out there on the Web, but it should give you a good starting point. Basically, stuff gets added as and when I find it. If you want the latest MHP news, check out the official MHP web site. For more MHP links, check out Juha Laakso's excellent page of MHP links

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A list of the events at which the DVB project will be taking part, and where MHP-related products and events may be taking place, can be found at the official DVB web site.


The MHP specification

Globally Executable MHP (GEM)

OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP)

OpenCable Enhanced TV Specifications

ATSC Digital TV Application Software Environment (DASE)

ATSC Advanced Common Application Platform (ACAP)

Sun JSR 242 ('On Ramp To OCAP')




The HAVI Level 2 UI

Java and related specifications from Sun

Other useful specifications



Discussion forums


Apart from our own book, which is available from all good bookstores, there are a couple of other books that discuss open standards for iTV middleware.

News services


Technical tutorials

General Overviews

Other links

Finally, the online interactive TV dictionary is a good place to find explanations for any terms that may not be familiar.